Fill in the blank Questions asked in SSC CPO 2020 Examination

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In this article we have discussed all the “fill in the blanks questions asked in SSC CPO 2020 Examination”. These questions will help to prepare well your examination.

fill in the blank asked in ssc cpo 2020

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

1. It was ______ who encouraged me while I was sunk in despair.

  1. he
  2. our
  3. us
  4. we
Correct Option : A

  • ‘was’ is singular verb so ‘He’ will be used.

2. The box was ______ heavy for that little child to carry.

  1. much
  2. too
  3. enough
  4. lot
Correct Option : B

too …………. to

  • always used to show inability.

3. We saw some children ______ with one another as we were walking around.

  1. quarrels
  2. quarrelled
  3. to quarrel
  4. quarrelling
Correct Option : D

  • Here sentence shows continuous sense in the past.
  • So “Quarrelling” will be suitable option here.

4. We’ll accept your application _______ you fulfil all the conditions.

  1. provided
  2. so that
  3. although
  4. even if
Correct Option : A

  • As a conjunction, provided means “if something happens”
  • Other options are irrelevant.

5. The clown was so funny ______ everybody burst out laughing.

  1. because
  2. that
  3. but
  4. when
Correct Option : B

so ………….. that.

  • It is a pair conjunction.

6. I don’t think your sister is enjoying the party. She ______ at her watch for the last half an hour.

  1. had looked
  2. has looked
  3. had been looking
  4. has been looking
Correct Option : D

7. The old telephone ______ nobody wants has been thrown into the junkyard.

  1. what
  2. whom
  3. which
  4. who
  Cloze Test 03 : asked in SSC CGL 2020 Tier-2 held on 03/02/2022
Correct Option : C

  • Which is used for Non-living thing.

8. We have requested Mrs. Nagpal _______ our play for this year’s annual function.

  1. directed
  2. direct
  3. directing
  4. to direct
Correct Option : D

9. When John arrived ______ the exhibition it was already ______ full swing.

  1. in, in
  2. at, in
  3. in, at
  4. at, at
Correct Option : D

  • If there are two places, bigger one will take preposition “in” and smaller one takes “at”

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